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The Society of Cost Management is the first international professional association dedicated to cost measurement, cost management, and decision support; and brings together cost accountants, consultants and academia from around the world. We’re going to change what you think about professional associations.

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Cost Accountant

SUMMARY Our client is a well-established, multi-state, privately held retailer. With deep family roots and pro-employee culture, this hill country organization offers a tremendous opportunity for a strong cost accounting manager. The Cost Accountant works, in conjunction with the Cost … Read More >

TOTAL COST: Becoming A Cost Management Leader

Part 3 of a series on becoming a cost management leader The Society of Cost Management was formed as a nexus for professionals in Cost Management. A place for us to come together, a focal point of information, for too … Read More >

TOTAL COST MANAGEMENT: Management Accounting

Part 2 of a series on cost management leadership If you think your business is a leader in cost management, please email us at info@costmgmt.org and let us know the name of the business and why they are a cost … Read More >

Some Great Educational Opportunities Headed Your Way

*Seminars approved by the Society of Cost Management:  use the promo code SCM10 and receive a 10% discount on any course offered by IA Seminars. September 8 – 9, “Fixed Asset Accounting for Profit Maximization”, ARC Consulting Group, Minneapolis, MN September … Read More >

AUGUST BOOK FEATURE: Measuring, Modelling and Forecasting for Business and Economics

In Time Series Analysis and Adjustment the authors explain how the last four decades have brought dramatic changes in the way researchers analyze economic and financial data on behalf of economic and financial institutions and provide statistics to whomsoever requires … Read More >