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The Society of Cost Management is the first international professional association dedicated to cost measurement, cost management, and decision support; and brings together cost accountants, consultants and academia from around the world. We’re going to change what you think about professional associations.

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Part 1 of a series on cost management leadership If you think your business is a leader in cost management, please email us at info@costmgmt.org and let us know the name of the business and why they are a cost management … Read More >

July Book Feature: Monitoring Business Performance – Models, Methods and Tools by Per Lind

The only certainty is uncertainty – that goes for human life as well as for the life of organisations. In coping with uncertainty Man has created models and methods to explain what has happened and to predict what is coming. … Read More >


Is it important for Management Accountants to have a good foundation in economics?  Are you joking?  If you do not understand the basic concepts of supply and demand how would you be able to understand production and pricing.  James F. … Read More >

Bookstore Revamped For You

Have you checked out the SCM Bookstore recently?  A few months ago, we added many good books to the selection and reorganized the topics to make it easier to find what you need.  Our goal is to make it as … Read More >

Job Hunting in the New Environment

As some of you know, if you read these pages occasionally, I was laid off now five weeks ago.  I have been unemployed before so this is not scary, but in this economy things are a little different.  In the … Read More >